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Kisa sits a W.D.Gaster bitty on the screen, he glares at Kisa which is nodding her head happily. He sighs.

Warren: I, Warren Tesla am here to tell you that you usual bout of craziness for tonight will go on uninterrupted as Mami Kisa has found some time.
(To Kisa) Why do you insist that I call you that?

Kisa: Because you are cute when you say it! Now finish.

Warren: *sighs* You usual craziness will now continue as normal. Have a nice day and thank you for listening to our announcement. 
*Your usual craziness is interrupted for this important announcement*

*Kisa runs around in circles and is pulling her hair.*
* Rue Veil appears to climb onto the screen he looks at everyone*

Rue: Sorry guys, Mami Ki is having a crazy day and a crazy tomorrow. She's got lots of work to do and she gotta dress up tomorrow to... So she might not get to yall. All right? 

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Effects of Temptations: Don’t pull your punches

Gara was edgy and everyone could sense that. It was Friday and there were many teachers that ran out, quickly claiming that they forgot something. The truth was they didn’t want to deal with a pushy, irritable demon.

“What are you going to do about Judge, Chanti?”

Chanti looked at Sans and made a quick silly smirk.  “Don’t worry Sans, there is one happy demon spell on the way~”

Sans chuckled but looked at Chanti up and down. “You okay dealing with him for sure.”

Chanti looked at Sans. “Just trust me Sans. I’ll handle Judge.”

The ride back didn’t upset her, even if Gara was speeding. She suspected it was something but she didn’t want to give away her suspicions to anybody. She just knew that she had to pull it off well enough to keep damages to a minimum.

“What did you want Mage?” Gara asked.

Chanti grabbed his hand and walked to his door, her case lightly swinging on her side tapping her skin as she moved. She didn’t say a word as she slipped the key in and turned the handle, only when he was inside did she give an answer.

She pushed him into a wall.

“The hell?!”

She slowly took off her shirt walking to him. “You’ve been having a little symptom of blood-lust, Judge. So you’ll have to tell me…when was the last time you tasted your own blood.”

Gara looked her up and down as she calmly took off her shoes and let her pants slide to the floor.

“You’re going to make me bleed…and that is to cure my foul mood, Mage?”

Chanti smiled. “No, we are going to paint the floor with each other’s blood Judge. I said it was a blood-lust, didn’t I? That is why I asked you…”

Sitting on his lap she pressed her mouth to his nibbling at his mouth until striking and biting down hard on his lips til the black liquid flowed out. Nursing the wound by licking and sucking on it while locking eyes with him.

“…you are playing a dangerous game.” Gara huffed shredding the floor with his nails.

Chanti chuckled touching Gara’s face gently. “The best games often leave you with reminders.”

“My twisted little Mage.” Gara growled as he pushed her down onto the floor, his nails biting into her shoulder as he changed forms.

The blood lulled him with its scent as her bra snapped away, Chanti still keeping a deeply amused smile. “Don’t be gentle tonight. I want to feel it tomorrow.”

“Demon, Mage. When was I ever gentle on you?” Gara asked as he palmed the unblemished plane of her skin. Raking his fingers down the center causing blood to well up and Chanti to arch.

“Then don’t start now.” Was Chanti’s sigh.

Her hands snapped out and grabbed his horns, bringing his jagged mouth to hers in a desperate kiss before kicking him off brutally. Gara realized that his jacket was in Chanti’s hands and she threw it carelessly before knocking open the suitcase and an assortment of odd things spilled out.

“No work for the brats?”

“No, just some more things to play with.”

Gara took this time to lunge at her gripping her head by her hair as he looked at the bespelled rope and other little “toys” she brought. He’s mind quickly going over what would bring him his desired result the quickest and the longest. Chanti struggled in his embrace and he rewarded her with a deep bite in her shoulder, allowing him to taste her blood and see it flow down her pale skin. Watching a bead slowly make it way down her stomach until it reached between her legs made him cup her harshly, which was given a response in Chanti’s ragged gasp and a choppy mix of sounds.

“What was that Mage? Use your words please.” Gara taunted.

Chanti jerked her shoulder out of his mouth before head-butting him and forcing him backwards. Her body pressed fully against his to make him fall on his back. Chanti quickly grabbed something and Gara was met with the sensation of more fabric being ripped clean off him.

“I said you have too much clothes Demon.”

Gara summoned his scythe which laid against Chanti’s throat. “And you act as if you are bare, you still have protection.”

Chanti snorted at the idea before Gara’s open palm groped her, causing her to gasp and release a small sound. Gara’s smirk became wicked as he grinds his palm against her final garment. “Such small sounds, like prey….make more Chanti.”

“ not…prey!”

“You’re my prey. And I will eat you again and again.” Ripping off her underwear he made the scythe disappear only to quickly circle her throat with his hand giving her no way to hide her flustered face.

“You’re face betrays your feelings, as well as your heartbeat.”

“…Bite me Judge.”

“I think I already did that, but if you want another…”

This time moving them to the bedroom, Gara made quick work of the rope and Chanti’s hands leaving him free to nip at the skin of her thighs. Her twitching legs made him push her lags down and sit between them looking at her huffing form.

“I haven’t even bitten you yet, and here you are trembling.”

“If you think that way, then bite Demon.”

Gara blew air against her legs enjoying them trying to snap close. Switching to his human form his lazily tasted the blood and skin up her form until he was touching her lips. Giving her the same kiss she did. Letting her taste her own blood. Her teeth manage to reopen his wound making the blood mix in their mouths as they continued the brutal kiss.

“I know exactly where to bite you.”

Chanti blinked in confusion until a light was summoned from her being. Her soul in Gara’s hand made her fluster and try to break the ropes, which made Gara chuckle darkly.

“Oh, I wonder what sounds you’ll made now.”

“ cheater!”

“All is fair in love and war.” He whispered looking at the gentle purple glow of Chanti’s soul.

Looking her dead in the eyes, he opened his mouth slowly and bit her soul causing her to spasm and moan loudly. Taking the soul out his mouth he was back in his other form again and his eyes were glowing in interest on her reactions.

“I think this is fun~”

“…that isn’t your soul in your hands, Gara.” Chanti groaned out.

“No its yours. Which is why you’re enjoying this.”

Chanti’s glare was ruined by her blush as he pulled her into a sitting position in his lap, her arms behind her. The soul in his hands, he did not let her see what he was doing as he pulled her into a series of brutal kisses. Only when his magic had wrap around her soul did he wrap the other arm around her, letting her see his magic doing things to the ball of purple magic and light.

“I never thought you SOUL would be so soft Chanti. Its so soft and warm and pliable, I want to play with your SOUL all day~”

Chanti could not answer the smug demon, her mind fuzzing over with all the sensations coming from her body and SOUL. The only think that she could think was to glare at Gara trying to mentally will his SOUL to reveal itself. The thought was cut off as Gara began to move, Chanti’s breath came out as fog from the heat of it all.

“You’re soft everywhere Chanti.” Gara teased.
Chanti’s eyes fluttered closed from the intensity. ‘Mission accomplished.’

Gara made more and more marks on her, and she gave it back. Very soon they were both sticky from the two day exchange. Gara was taking a towel to Chanti’s lazy form that was lying limply in his arms.

“You wanted to do that.”

“I didn’t think you would pull my SOUL from my body, jerk.”

“As I said all is fair in love and war.”

Chanti sighed as the towel passed over her stomach. “I should pull your SOUL out and give it a big fat lick, then let’s see you say that.”

“Still would.”


“Little Mage, you haven’t said anything for me to dread yet.”

Chanti glared at Gara as he passed the towel over her shoulder. “How can you play with magic so close to a SOUL? You have to be careful Judge.”

Gara chuckled. “You are telling me to be careful. The one who has a million new marks across her skin.”

“Judge, even in demon form you are looking pretty in full bloom with purple and black marks all over you. “

Gara chuckled. “I bet I do. Now up you lazy little Witch.”

Chanti slowly sat up taking the towel and began to wash herself. Gara was looking at her intensely as if he was examining her.

“Yes, Judge?”

“…let’s touch SOULs”

Gara enjoyed her sudden flushed expression and her waving her arms around before falling backwards. “What?!”

“Chanti, why are you so shocked? We have already had-“

“But that is our magic and SOULs, Judge!”

Chanti realized he was a little confused. “And? You enjoyed the little magic play the last two days, why not go all the way? Something to hide little Mage.”

Chanti blushed, driving her thoughts to a halt. Taking a breath, she tried to reason with herself before taking her towel and dropping it back into tub. “Nothing, I didn’t think you were ready to share yourself with me that way~”

Gara’s resulting blush and splash of water allowed Chanti to laugh it off. She got up and walked to see if she could find any spare clothes.


“Yes, Judge?”

“…we will be touching SOULs soon.”

Chanti’s blush was heavy. “Yes, Judge.” Gara did not see Chanti clasp her hand over her stomach as she blushed up even more.
Effects of Temptation: Don't pull your punches
Another story! (On the Subtale side...T-T I know I need to work on the Main AU more...)

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Effects of Temptations: Heat of the Rave

Chanti could barely keep herself still she was so excited, Asriel was with her about this. It was summer again and Chanti, Gara, and Sans opted out from the trip. Chanti did it because her favorite DJ, Napstablook, or DJ Naptsa was hosting a Rave. Gara wanted to see a Rave with how excited Chanti was and Sans opted out because he felt it would be bad to leave the two to cause chaos, also he wanted to see Napstablook after his world tour with his cousin.

Chanti and Asriel were the most excited, with Gara watching them with slight amusement. The reason? Well, this was the first time that he saw Chanti dress in such an interesting way and act like this was normal.

“Asri, you are not wearing that dark fishnet shirt. I bought you one in baby blue!”

“But you are wearing purple, again!”

“Yeah, but mine is glow in the dark! The baby blue will pop, I promise.”

Sans looked at the things that were gathered at the table with a slight look of apprehension. “Do you need this stuff to go and dance with other sweaty dancers?”

Chanti looked at Sans something akin to a glare. “Raves are awesome and something that was enjoyed for a long time. So please, shut it.”

Gara chuckled. “Oh, I think little Mage is mad with you.”

Sans shrugged as he watched Chanti dust Asriel’s fur with burst of color. “I am just wondering when did she go since she was from an odd village after the world ended, you know.”

Chanti placed the can down and looked at Sans. “I didn’t, but Heather did.”

Gara swore he saw Sans blink. “…who the heck is Heather?”

“She was a person pre-WW III whose memories were transported in bits by a group of mindfu- I mean mindtilters. She was a blank mind type that was used to reset Mage personalities.”

Gara got it. “So that is how you ended your thousand year insanity so quickly, you went to one of these Mind tilters.”

Chanti nodded before opening some nail polish determined to paint Asriel’s nails in glow in the dark blue and pink. “She loved Raves, and that is what stuck to me.”

Sans looked more confused. “So you are doing this because of a memory of someone else who liked this. Am I right?”

Chanti nodded her head before throwing a wife-beater at Asriel that said “Baby” on it in bright green and blues. Gara looked as Chanti disappeared into her room. Gara looking at the door wondering what she would like.

“We are really not going like this?” Sans asked. Gara looked at Asriel who was happily going over his image in the mirror. Gara smiled and walked into Chanti’s room leaving the skeleton to his confusion.

Entering the room, he wondered if he hit jackpot. Chanti had shed most of her clothes putting on a multi shaded dark pink bikini underwear set. She had managed to use her hairpins to pull her hair into two pigtails that ended at her feet. It was covered by the fact that her hair was pulled through twin glow in the dark bracelets which she had put a leather hat over it.

“Do you need help getting dressed?”

Turning to look at him and how he was smiling she snorted as she pulled out the dark fishnets that she has sat under bright lamp for a few hours. “Remember Judge, getting dressed means putting clothes on, not off.”

“Can these even be called clothes?” Gara asked running a lone finger down her spine.

“If what I wore last summer counts as a swimsuit, then yes.”

“Alright, alright little Mage. Don’t get so upset.”

Chanti looked at him and then to his hands as she flopped onto her back to slip on the beginning of the fishnets as well as her very short leather shorts. “You will be the least of my worries if we don’t get there in enough time.”

“And what happens then?” Gara asked as he looked at her pull out stockings and a black sharpie.

“We lose our seats, and trust me we will need it after a few rounds of dancing. So we need to get there early.”

Gara nodded, noticing that she folded one stocking up after putting the other on.  He watched her put on boots and strap her legs in them picked up the pen and looked at her leg.

“Need help?”

Chanti nodded her head, tossing the marker over to Gara. “This part is always a pain, but could you mark me?”

“I thought I did that every time when we got to bed?” Gara asked, he chuckled when Chanti threw a pillow at him.  He grabbed her leg and traced his nail over the bare skin before popping open the top and looking at her. “Where do you want this mark?”

Chanti swiped at her leg where she wanted it and Gara began his delicate work. Making it blocky and seeable, the word seemed like a painful statement that was being taken as a joke. However, before Gara could think on what the word meant to Chanti, one lone finger went under his chin making him look up to see her other hand trace her side starting right under her breast.
Gara let himself get off topic with a humored chuckle, “More for me to mark? It would be easier if I used my teeth you know?”

“And let you keep me in bed all day? Judge, I know you want to beat Sans in the lazybones contest but he has too many years on you. Give it up.”

Gara nipped at her fingers, which made her giggle before he took the sharpie to her side as well doing just as she said. When it was all said and done Chanti slipped on the rest of the fishnet and went to reach for a thick soft grey leather collar. Gara walked behind her, taking it out of her hand and slipped in around her neck himself.

“Enjoying yourself Judge?”

“The fact that I am collaring you? Yes. You should wear this more often.”

Chanti turned around and pressed her mouth against were his pulse point was. “Little demon, you are too tempting to mess up. I thought drawing the warning sign might clue you in.”
Gara walked back to look at her eyes, seeing her eyes glow up slightly giving her eyes a lavender hue. “What are you planning?”

Chanti lifted her arms in the air and slowly danced in place, eyes closed as she smiled as if she was intoxicated. “The beat, the moon…tonight is a night to indulge the moon’s wild call. Tonight we dance with the moon’s will and howl with her men until the sun rises. There isn’t a better night to let loose…”

“Drank some Sin Chanti?”

Chanti looked to see Gara mesmerized at her moves, walking up she looped her rope chain around him, pulling him closer. Smirking she took a lick against his neck, nipping as the magic jumped in response. “Why? I can taste your magic on your tongue. I feel it like a beat in my own heart, begging me to make it race faster. Tonight the Wild Ones ride and we are to feed them with more…natural responses.”

Twirling away from Gara she noticed a small line of black dripping down his face, swiping it with a finger she smirked before licking it up and walking out the door. Gara’s stare made her feel as if the night was going to be interesting.

She was shivering with anticipation.

A few hours later under the flashing lights Chanti was lost under the beat ant the rare flash of lights that flashed across the room as she danced with total strangers. “Mala Bruja” was a name known to many clubs and Napstablook was shocked that she was the famous soul. But she was more amused that he wanted her to dance up on stage. It was honor and a job to keep the others in beat and entertained during the different songs. She didn’t have to fear, she was here during the resurgence of the Rave scene and she knew that all she had to do was let go and let the hard beat of the music pull her movements.

‘Let’s hope there is no underage soul here...’

“Napsta. Can you hit a song for me?”

The ghost, right now in his golem body form nodded his head as she whispered a certain song. He looked at her as if she was sure. It was in the collection of songs that she had helped him to uncover from re-discovered CDs. With a nod, he began to play the song. The club screamed as the beat hit them as if a crashing wave but she began her dance on the stage she only felt a set of eyes.

I need a gangsta to love me better…than all the others do. To always forgive me…ride or die with me. That’s just what gangstas do…

She danced as if she was trying to convince the moon to come down to her. She knew that the moon and all the powerful stars no longer walked among man and the planes but she danced as if she was trying to bed the moon, or asking a favor. Which was more like it. The crowd screamed as she moved and swung her body in a hypnotic way that drew them all to dance like they needed to touch each other. She didn’t know if she was singing, it was always a hit or miss but she felt compelled by the rising call in her blood. Her magic demanded it among all these connected hearts and SOULs. To weave a spell, and she knew what spell would end the night perfectly. She just needed her target to put it in effect.

Sans looked at Chanti as she danced and had to admit that he felt a little faint. She was not crass or lewd with her movements but it looked like she was becoming with her body for someone or something to bed her. Now. Her expression was caught in drugged pleasure and aroused pain, making her voice and body carry more weight.

“I’m fucked up, black and blue…I’m build for all the abuse. I got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows…”

Looking to Gara he was shocked to see the demon looking like he was having a hard time control himself. In his human form sitting down in their spot, his eyes were locked on Chanti as she danced. His hands had shredded the seat beside him, his muscles trembling like he was going to spring on someone any second now, and his two seeable eyes were glowing like bright lights. But it was the black blood running down his nose and his smile that was the most telling.

“…Please take me to the places that nobody, nobody knows…You got me hooked up on the feeling! You got me hanging from the ceiling! You got me up so high I’m barely breathing! So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me go…”

“She’s got a pair of lungs on her, huh? I guess all that chanting gave Chanti some practice.” Sans stated hoping to keep him steady in his human form. Gara’s smile got wider as he suddenly with a fluid movement go up and walked towards Chanti. Sans was worried that there was going to be a scene and maybe some bodies as there were many people, men and women that were mesmerized by Chanti’s dance and song. Trying to touch her body when she was at the edge and becoming more hype the longer she was on stage. Gara however was moving through the crowd like they were water, getting to the stage and hoping up suddenly to grab her as she let herself fall. The crowd went crazy with their cheering as he twirled her around like they were on a ballroom floor for a few seconds before pulling her collar giving her a searing kiss for all to see.

Napstablook was blushing several shades along with his cousin as Gara hopped off the stage with Chanti in his arms, getting lost in the bodies and darkness of the club. Sans worried that something bad was happening until he heard Asriel’s laugh.

“Damn, she got him good.”

“Asri, you sound…drunk.”

Asriel looked at him with a small sad smile. “I guess that this is proof that I had some feelings for her? Just don’t let Judge learn that. I don’t want to die due to a long-standing crush.”


Asriel waved around to the crowd, many who were touching and locking lips and limbs with anyone that was near. “Her song…her spell…Damn, she warned me that doing that could have this effect but to feel this way is a little addicting even if it is scary.”

Sans was a little miffed. “What did she do?!”

Asriel shook his head and grabbed the skeleton. “I think it would be better if we leave, don’t worry. She has her intended target now, they are safest with each other tonight.”
Sans did not like how that sounded, but hoped that Asriel was right.

“You bad little Witch, don’t you know your spell won’t work on me?”

“Yet, here you are my demon.”

Gara slowly ripped the fishnet off her as he tasted her skin. His eyes glowing like small flashlights as he took a look at her heaving form.  “Your demon? You’re claiming me.”
Chanti grabbed Gara’s shirt, sliding the button out one by one as she nipped at the newly revealed flesh. “Tonight, you are mine. Our flesh the alter and our actions the sacrifice. Don’t fight this.”

Gara’s hands wrapped around her shorts pushing them down her legs. “Who said I was fighting?”

“Good, I don’t think I would have been happy if you had refused.”

The magic that was sparking of Chanti’s skin made Gara snarl lightly his hair flying wildly as if it was caught in a violent wind. Not caring who could see what behind the opaque curtain that they were both behind, he threw her to a couch and pulled his shirt loose, his own magic going wild in response.  “Now let’s see if I can put you under my spell my naughty little Witch.”

“You can try.”

Chanti woke the next morning on the grass by Gara’s mansion. Looking to see she sighed as her stocking and her fishnet were gone, but the other pieces were safe if not strewn in the soft grass all around. Trying to get up she looked to see Gara in human form this time smiling at her as if he ate the canary. Not even trying to cover herself she pushed herself to be on Gara’s chest. “Did you enjoy the Rave?”

Gara touched her genteelly tracing the places where she guessed there will be dried substances on her. “When is the next one?”

Chanti smiled.

She knew attending future ones will definitely be more fun.
Effects of Temptations: Heat of the Rave
Another story of the Subtale series. (Now we get to the part where you see Chanti in her Rave outfit. Don't worry, you see her in it on the other side to.)  I hope you like it. (Can anyone guess the song? Lol I'm not going to make you guess guys really. Its from Kehlani, the song is "Gangsta" and its one featured in the Suicide Squad!)

Hope you all enjoy. 

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Effects of Temptations: Call in Sick.

Chanti sent another student to their parent, sighing as they coughed and sneezed. Walking pass she passed the entrance where Gara. M. Judge was looking at her and everyone else with an odd look.

“What is it Judge?”

“May I mention that none of them are you’re offspring?”

Chanti turned to look at him, her face set between amusement and annoyance.

“So you never took care of anyone that you cared for Judge?”

Gara slowly raised an eyebrow and Chanti chuckled at his reaction. “I know, I know. Demon. You don’t have to tell me anything. I’m going to tell Toriel that we might have to call this a cold epidemic and shut down the academy for a few days.”

As Chanti walked away, Asriel walked up from a hall, carrying a load of things with a blank expression on his face. Asriel and Gara never really talked for long periods of time. It was assumed because of the former’s relationship to Chanti’s “ex.” The reality was that Gara didn’t really scare Asriel but Chanti did, which left the reaper a little miffed when it came to the resurrected soul.

“Hey Judge.”

“Hello Asri.”

Asriel smiled as he looked around. “Called me by my name did you? I’m guessing someone gets laid.”

“Get to the point Flower.” Gara snarled.

Asriel looked down at his stuff with a slight smile. “You know I was sick once, and I have to say something…Chanti is something else taking care of me. Don’t know if demons get sick and all but if you ever do, there is no better nurse than Chanti…”


“Yes, Judge?”

“Leave before I melt your face off.”

The young monster smiled a warm smile before running off to find his mother. “Bye Judge, and remember to not catch a magical cold!”

Gara looked at his retreating form before his eyes slid over to where Chanti had left, his mind wondering something.

“Magical Colds? Why are you asking Judge?” Chanti asked as she looked over from where she was working.

The school was officially shut down a few days due to a small cold breakout. It was mainly for the human and mammal-like monsters that roamed Academy City. The teachers were all supposed to get some work done now and get it in before the days came up, so as to be ahead of the game in all of their papers. Chanti was surprised that Gara would ask her such a question though.

“Magical Cold is shorthand for magical backlash or negative magical feedback. You know the hiccup in your magical system once in awhile that can make you sick.”

Gara blinked at her. “Then why call it Magical Colds, it not like a cold at all.”

Chanti shrugged. “The explanation is that most magical creatures can be forced into a negative loop when coming in contact with someone else who is experiencing it, and the symptoms range like that of a cold. Other than that, I wouldn’t know why or really care.”

Chanti noticed that Gara was contemplating something. “Did you ever get a cold like that little Witch?”

“Yeah, it sucked. For a whole week I couldn’t really do anything. It would have been quicker had I had some help, but that was the breaks. Why?”

“I think Undyne might be having those symptoms you talked about.”

Sans groaned and looked at Gara. “Judge, please tell me you did not get too close to her.”
Gara looked at Sans. “I helped her carry her things when she said she couldn’t lift them, then her into Alphy’s car. Unlike you, I don’t get sick.”

Sans shook his head. “Ever had Magical Colds down in the Inferno?”

Gara stared at Sans blankly. “No”

Sans chuckled and looked at Chanti. “I think you might need to take some more days off Chanti, on the account of you having to babysit a sick Reaper.”

Chanti looked at Sans with her hands on her hips glaring at the skeleton. “I’m sure that he’ll be fine. After all there must be a good reason for the UnderInferno citizens never having such sickness.”

A few days later she was sitting by Gara’s bed laying him back down again. “Just my luck that you would get sick.”

“Don’t bemoan your fate, fix this!” Snarled Gara before his eyes looked like they became dizzy and he fell back.

“I am going to help you, but this has to burn out by itself mostly. I’m not a healer, so I can’t really burn it out where it won’t hurt like hell. “

“I can take the pain.”

Chanti shook her head and laid a cool cloth against his third eye which was closed. “You can usually take pain. We have no idea how your magic will react this time. It could half your health for all we know and I’m not finding out the hard way. No, your magic will have to reset itself naturally.”

The demon grumbled and gave her a glare in which she just responded with a kiss against his cheek.

“Don’t worry, with me here you’ll be back in action in no time.”
Gara grumbled and turned away from here, which left her to do some things.

~~~~~~Day 1~~~~~~

Gara felt bored and told her so, also he told her that he was unusually hot. She then told him to actually use the bath he had in the mansion.
He was not happy.

“You want me to dose my flames in freezing water?!”

“Judge, you are not going to be done in by a little cold water.”

“There is no way-“

“Would you like a sponge bath instead?” Chanti asked.

Gara blinked and looked at her holding a soft sponge and her small smile. “That’s a better option?”

“If you will agree to a little cold water, then yes. I’ll make it so.”

Gara gave her a look which Chanti replied with a smile and leaning his frame against hers before taking the sponge and dripping the droplets of water down his horns, wetting them both up in the quiet bathroom.

~~~~~~~~Day 2~~~~~~~~~

Chanti noticed that he was not drinking wine or consuming anything, this would not be odd if he wasn’t holding his middle as if he was hungry or sick.

“Judge, what are you doing up?”

“I need…Sin.”

“You can’t go out like that, you look like you going to hurl. Go back to bed. I’ll get you something.”

“Mage I cannot eat your food right now.”

“I know, let me make something. Go back to bed.”

Gara looked at her and walked back to his bedroom, which gave Chanti a moment to sigh and groan. Her head hitting the table. “…Sans is going to kill me for what I’m about to do.”

A few hours later Chanti had a small steaming pot in her arms, sitting it down as she sat beside Gara on the bed. “Little Witch, what the heck did you do?”

Chanti didn’t answer him, scooping up some of the soft food and putting it in a wooden bowl.  She turned around and took a spoon out. “Say ahh.”

“…I thought I told you, your food will not help me.”

Chanti felt herself twitch but she put the spoon of the food in her own mouth before forcing him into a kiss, transferring the soft food down his throat. She pulled back to let him realize, ready to fight him spoon for spoon. She was instead greeted with Gara blinking at her, a touch of shock in his eyes.

“How did you infuse…?”

“It took a lot of tries and me trashing Sans’ lab. Just eat Judge, I don’t like soft Sin flavored-oatmeal.”

Gara was quiet after that, eating the odd combo that she had cooked up.

~~~~~Day 3~~~~~~~~~

“Little Mage, what are you doing at this table?”

“Judge, didn’t I tell you to eat the food and lay down?”

“Demons don’t sleep.”

Chanti tried to count back from ten. “There is a resting form for all creatures, why aren’t you doing it?”

“I want you.”

Chanti put her pen down and turned to look at him, seeing him sweat and his eyes have a slight glow made her sigh. “Fine, just let me get this done.”

“What is it you’re doing right now?”

“Our work Judge, so when you’re well you won’t have to play catch up.”
Gara blinked. “You’re doing all my work for me?”

“Yes, now go back to bed. I’ll be there shortly demon.”

“You’re pushy.”

Chanti whirled around and glared at him. “I need you to be well. So you are going to get back into bed or so help me I will find out how deep your core is.”

Gara chuckled before a stray lick of his tongue swiped against her cheek. “Aren’t you afraid to get sick?”

“I have been sick before and I power through it. I’ll be fine, you however, are just experiencing you’re first illness. That is not good.”

“And you said that I was stubborn Mage.”

Chanti smirked before going back to writing, going at the two piles of papers until her hands were red. Finishing and sorting both piles, she walked to the bedroom where Gara was waiting.

“You took too long.”

“…Judge, do you know how much work was backed up on your end? Be happy I didn’t leave you with all the work to do after you’re over this.”

Chanti walked over and slipped out of her outfit, getting under the covers and wrapping her arms around the reaper demon. “Rest Judge, I’ll be here for as long as you can stand to be in the bed.”

“I can stand it longer if we could have fun.” Stated Gara.

Chanti chuckled. “When you’re better we’ll take a day off just for all the fun you’ve missed. How about that? Fair trade Judge?”

“I’m keeping you to your word Chanti.”

Chanti shrugged before pulling him closer, hoping he would not have to suffer any longer.

~~~~~~~~Day 4~~~~~~~~~

Gara was up and about, in his human form he was smiling happily turning in all the work that now other unfortunate souls had to file into Academy City’s file system. Chanti was happy he got over it in 3 days. Asriel and Sans was looking at Gara as he told the (clean) details of how Chanti took care of him.

While everyone else was cooing at the sweet details, Asriel was looking at a piece of paper and looking at Gara with an unimpressed glare. Gara finally noticed and looked at Asriel. “Yes, Asri?”

“So….tell me…how does a living figure of death get sick?” Asriel asked.

Chanti looked at Asriel and then looked at Gara. “Asri, do you realized how he was…and you are saying he faked it?”

Asriel looked at Gara with a dark smirk on his face. “Well Judge? Was it for the experience or was it because your trying to replace me as her number one friend, huh?”

Gara did not say anything at first for a few silent minutes but suddenly a smirk came onto his face when a secretary came to deliver him his copy of needed papers. Still not saying a word, he scooped his paper and Chanti’s placed them in his file and scooped up Chanti bridal style to walk out.

“Taking a day off Flower, do us a favor and go wilt will you?”

Chanti stared at Gara for the longest. “Judge…you didn’t answer the question.”

Gara looked down at her his eyes glowing. “Does it matter little Mage? Either way you’ll keep your promise right?”

Chanti glared at Gara. ‘Toriel should cut all of Judges sick days.’
Effects of Temptations: Call in Sick
Hello everyone! Another Effects of Temptation story for you all! (I know, I should be working on the Main AU but I can't help it...they are too funny. Lol.)

Remember kiddies, Chanti and the main mechanics of her world belong to me.
Gara. M. Judge belong to  :iconmadotto: 
Undertale is Toby Fox

Hope you all enjoy!
Chanti's Tale AU: Character expansion- Chara. by AmoraYingRosaKisaLov We are back everyone! As I said before this time, its the questions that you all have asked, and the character's secrets will be revealed. If you are new to this, I will explain. I will give each character a question sheet that they have to answer at first, the next sheet after that however will be made by you guys! You get to question them and after a number of questions are there a sheet will appear. After that another sheet and this will keep going and going until all the lore or the AU has been revealed! (Now I'll be honest I got impatient and posted in a few of my amuse myself and everyone else) So we will start with Chara's second page!!

1. What is his warmest memory he most treasures? Does he have it? (for example he and Chanti cuddling, or someone he cares about first smile and such.)

Chara's memories are filled with pain, disgust, and general hatred towards others and those at them. However, in the first years of life, there was a calm smile of a woman who took care of them...which reminds them of Chanti.

2. Does he play any music, like piano or violin? and if yes, which melody does he like?

Most musical instruments were not allowed, but the piano and the violin were. However chopplin's music was what they enjoyed playing the most until they discovered swing music. Then they were hooked.

3. What kind of chocolate does he like?

Bitter dark chocolate, to the point that they can eat bakers chocolate when they get a bad craving

4. What was the name of the Village he lived in? and what happened to it in the end? 

The Village's name was hidden from them, to the point that they literally called it the "elder village" or the "village by the mountain" however someone once told them that it was called "Lila Sonnenuntergang" Which meant "Purple Sunset." They also remember that they use to be more in other places but....they don't remember anything else.

5. How did he and Chanti escaped from there? (I suspected they escaped.)

Chara didn't escape with Chanti, they jumped in the hole that the barrier was protecting...and the rest was history sort to say. Chanti...well they would only know about that.

6. Who is his worst enemy/ rival in CT??

Oddly, their brother Asriel Dreemur, which is odd because they also want them back as well. 

7. What kind of career was chosen by the village for him?

Pathsminder, and that was the beginning of the end from there.

8. ( I know this might be silly question but I want to be sure?) What role does he have in CT? Is he an antagonist? an antihero? or a protagonist (You stated he'll be 'dealing with his Chanti' after discovering the made me question his position of if there is more to the character than we believe?)

From Chanti and the other perspective,he is a clear antagonist, however they are more like Chanti's mirror than anything else. This is after Undertale's True Pacifist route so this isn't about killing all the monsters and humanity anymore, but its something that will hurt other people if not handled right and Chara doesn't care about how its handled as long as they get what they want. 

9. Hey Chara, what is your full name currently?

Chara Henry-Strawberry Crim-Dreemur.

10. What was you favorite bedtime story, if you had one? 

They remember a story called "Iron Hans" being read to them, it was the most amusing tale that they had as a child, but they still don't remember who.

And this is it! The next page will be a previous list of question. But remember, if you want to ask questions! You might unlock a key!!!

8 of the 10 questions were made by :iconmadotto: so yeah, enjoy!!!
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